In the CWD "Vamping on the Drudge" we misidentified In These Times as the publication founded by George Seldes. Thanks to Steve Rhodes who first alerted us to this; there were others. The most eloquent upbraiding we received, from Tom Collins, deserves to re-printed here.

"NO! Glad as I am to see you back in my mailbox-- twice in one day does not make up for too many months of silence, but it's a start-- and thrilled as I am to see any mention of the great George Seldes, whose Lords of the Press is a revelation, and who covered the tobacco-cancer connection a half century ago, but... NO!

In These Times is a current (defunct?) new left publication, right? Please correct yourself to rename Seldes as founding editor of the red-baited and destroyed IN FACT, inspiration to Izzy Stone and inumerable others. The great old publication, once supported by organized labor before the native American fascisti of the National Association of Manufacturers and their congressional gunsels drove it under, was IN FACT."

Well, if we have to be corrected, that's one hell of a way to do it.

Meeks out..

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