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Jacking in from "The Envelope Please" port:

New York -- CyberWire Dispatch received the top prize for Investigative News Story or Series in a ceremony here for the 11th annual Computer Press Awards. Dispatch topped entries from newspapers, magazines and other on-line publications to win the honor.

The stories that won were an expose of the shoddy research by a Carnegie Mellon University student that proclaimed to chronicle the increasing rise of pornography being trafficked on the Internet. That study was further legitimized when Time magazine was sucked into an secret deal with the study's author, Martin Rimm, in exchange for an exclusive cover story.

The stories published by Dispatch broke through the smoke and mirrors of the behind the scenes events that lead to Time being duped and exposed the duplicitous character of Rimm himself. The stories can be found at:


The winning of this award depended in large part on several members of the Net community that hammered at this story and contributed bits and pieces... indeed, sometimes hunks, of the story that were all weaved into the Dispatch articles.

This award is really a validation of all Dispatch readers. This effort, for which I get paid nothing and for which nothing is charged, is really a product of and for the Net. You, the reader, are why Dispatch continues and each of you can take credit for this award as well. If I haven't said it publicly, I will now: Thanks for reading and for your comments that have kept me at this keyboard, even through some very rough times.

In presenting the award the judges said: "Brock Meeks' research is impressively clear and accurate. The electronic medium makes for impressive impact. The series represents a serious wake-up call for any journalist, especially magazine generalists."

I wish I could tell you more about the night, but Newsweek's Steven Levy, who also won a much deserved CPA top award for Best Columnist, shoved a bottle of Jack Daniel's and a straw into my hand well before the awards were handed out and well... and I'm just thankful I made it to the platform without creating a major international incident.

Everything else is pretty a blur after that. But if I lent you money, promised you anything or took your number, send E-mail, you're on your honor.

Meeks out...

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