From: The CyberWire Dispatch Management
To: All Readers

Subject: House Keeping

Dispatch has a mailing list that you can subscribe to, if you like. Please note that this is a one-way only list. All you get by subscribing are Dispatch articles; no cross-talk.

But you have to subscribe and unsubscribe by yourself. Dispatch has no access to the actual list.

To subscribe to the Dispatch mailing list, please send a message to:

In the first line of the message (no subject needed, unless you're coming in from America Online, in which case you need something in the subject line, simply "subscribe" will do) put:

	subscribe CWD-L

If you want to take your name of the list, send a message to:

in the first line of the message put:

	unsubscribe CWD-L

Please don't send messages to Dispatch asking to be added or subtracted from the list, you have to do this yourself, it's just a function of Dispatch not actually running the list.

And now a word form our sponsor: The First Amendment.

Dispatch often contains profane speech, swearing... "four letter words." It is your right not to have to read such language if it offends you. Dispatch respects that right and asks that if profane speech does offend you, please be forewarned that our articles may, from time to time, contain such language. You don't have to read it; nobody forces you.

At the same time, Dispatch as just as much right to use profane speech in its articles as you have not to read it. This is our First Amendment right. You may not agree with the use of profane speech. You may think that it detracts from the article. You're entitled to your opinion and you're even welcome to inform Dispatch that it offends you.

Such feedback will be noted; however, it will not change the way we write our Dispatches. If that attitude offends you, too, well, tough. Don't read Dispatch.

If you are forwarding our Dispatches to another list, you have our permission to edit such speech as may be appropriate for your group.

Dispatch also realizes that it sorely lacks in the copyediting department. In fact, there is no copyeditor (it shows, we know). Because Dispatch is written and produced for *free* there is no budget to pay for copyediting. Messages pointing out typos, grammatical errors, etc., are welcome but there's not much we can do but "try harder."

Please take note of the subscribe and unsubscribe instructions. They can save a lot of time.

Thanks for reading.

Dispatch out...

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