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During the first 18 months of this mid-term election cycle, telecommunications, entertainment and media PACs gave a total of $1,083,512 to members the subcommittees in the Senate and House that have the main responsibility for regulating the telecommunications industries.

Members of the House Telecommunications and Finance Subcommittee received $669,679. Of the top five recipients on the subcommittee, ranking minority member Jack Fields (R-Tex.) received $167,896, more than double the second highest recipient, Rick Boucher (D-Va.). Fields received only $51,771 in PAC contributions during the entire 1990-1992 election cycle. Of his $167,986, a full 84% or $142,118 came in from just 24 PACs, split evenly between telecommunications and cable/entertainment companies.

Members of the Senate Communications Subcommittee received $414,433. Of the top five recipients, Conrad Burns (R-Mont.) received $126,684. The next highest recipient was Chuck Robb (D-Va.) with $71,550. Both are in close races, which political analysts have said are too close to call.

Sen. Kay Baily Hutchinson (R-Tex.), who is a newwcomer to the full Senate Commerce Committee, which sits above the Communciations Subcommittee resides, received an even $100,000.

Top Five Recipients of House Telecommunications and Finance Subcommittee

Top Five Recipients of Senate Communications Subcommittee

Top 15 PAC Contributors

* = Contributions came from more than one affiliate or subsidiary.