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Jacking in from the Pat-On-The-Back Port:

In case you missed it, the New York Times ran its "we can catch this" version of Dispatch's FBI Wiretap story on Saturday Feb. 12, a full day later than the Dispatch filing. The NYT story was clearly chasing the Dispatch article and it was, I should add, a good piece (by recent Wellbeing, Edmund Andrews).

But such is life in the world of Cyberspace delivered news, I suppose. It's like my mentor always told me, "being first doesn't mean a thing... being on Page 1 of the NYT does." No matter how far behind they are or from where they get their jump on the story.

Here's the lead graf of Ed's story:

The White House is pressing for legislation to force telephone and cable television companies to install computer software on their networks that would enable law enforcement agencies to eavesdrop on phone calls and computer transmissions, Clinton Administration officials said today.